Indoor and Outdoor JOOLA Motion 18 Ping Pong Table

INTRODUCTION Of JOOLA Motion Ping Pong Table:

Joola Motion 18 ping pong table comes with wear and rubber-coated feet, which protect it by giving stretching to floors. You can easily split the table into two halves and store it without any problem. Joola motion outdoor comes with a complete setup. Only the legs needing installation are needed. It has automatic folding legs, which makes it more worth buying items. Its four locking casters help you to move the table easily without any sort of injury. Its design is manufactured with double anti-tilting, which gives it more safety.

Joola motion table tennis table is a high-quality and versatile product of Joola. This  Joola Best Ping Pong Table is designed for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It comes with complete regulation and tournament specifications. You can awesomely select this table to play alone and become a solo player or to have some quality time with friends and family. The table top of this Joola motion outdoor table tennis table is 18 mm made with Charcoal Painted MDF S.

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  •  The automatic folding legs save your time while shifting it from one place to another
  • This table comes up with regulation and tournament specifications
  •  8mm Charcoal Painted MDF tabletop
  • rubber-coated feet prevent stretching to floors
  • It can be split into two halves easily
  • It has four locking casters which give it safe moves

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A magnetic abacus-style scoreboard is available for the users
It has a 40mm warp-resistant frame which is starchless
It is the best seller in the market
All can use it for indoor and outdoor purposes
Made of double anti-tilting which gives it more safety.
Amazingly designed  tabletop with 8mm made Charcoal Painted MDF
You are getting four built-in ball holders that can store more than 3 balls
You can fold the table into one half to become a good solo player


It is not a pocket-friendly product


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What is the dimension of Joola Motion 18 ping pong table?

The dimension of this table is 108.00 x 60.00 x 30.00 Inches

Is this product easy to use?

Yes, this product is easy to use and assemble

Bottom Line of Joola Motion 18 Ping Pong Table:

JOOLA Motion 18 Ping Pong Table is an amazing ping pong table with a high-quality tabletop made with 8mm Charcoal Painted MDF. It has rubber-coated feet that prevent stretching to floors. You can split the table into two halves. It has four locking casters which give it safe moves and help you to shift from one room to another.

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