Cornilleau 500 Indoor Ping Pong Table

Cornilleau 500 Indoor Ping Pong Table Description:

Cornilleau 500 Indoor ping pong table comes with a 3-year warranty and the best customer service support. It has the best safety design so your child can also have fun with it. You get a playback mode with it so that you can become a good solo player. Ball and racket storage is available with this product. You get a permanent weather-resistant technology with this product which makes it durable and long-lasting.

Moreover, Cornilleau 500 Indoor ping pong has a retractable net that automatically folds the table and makes it easy to store. Cornilleau 500 Indoor is the latest addition that comes with a good warranty and the best specifications that are needed for the ping pong game. Its tabletop is almost a 7/8” high-density inch thicker and best that gives the good bouncing experience of the ping pong to the users.

Cornilleau 500 Indoor

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  • It comes with a 7/8” high-density chipboard playing surface that gives the best ping pong bouncing
  • Has 6” Special indoor double wheels that make it easy to move
  • It comes with a Permanent weather-resistant polyester net system that has height adjusters
  • You are getting Corner protectors which give it a child safety feature
  • The transport handle makes it easy to shift from one place to another
  • 2 Wheel brakes split it into two halves and make it compact for storage purposes

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Sturdy legs and height adjusters
7/8” high-density chipboard playing surface
6” Special indoor double wheels
Weather-resistant polyester net system
Comes with Corner protectors
Transport handle for easy transportation
2 Wheel brakes for easy storage
Ball dispenser available on each edge of the table
Built-in ball and racket holders


It is not ITTF Approved


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What is the thickness of this table?

The thickness of this 500 Indoor is 7/8 inch

Is Cornilleau offers warannty?

Yes, Cornilleau offers a 3-years warranty.


Cornilleau 500 Indoor is beautifully designed with a steel frame and a high-density clipboard which makes it a durable and long-lasting product. You get all of the high-end features with this amazing indoor ping pong table.

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